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Everlush Loyalty Card Partner program

EVERLUSH Customer loyalty programs are reward programs specially designed by us to incentivize regular customers for our Partner companies.Everlush customer loyalty program may involve giving away,coupons,discount codes, early access to new products and services,and so on,to our most loyal customers.

To create a promising future for the Everlush Loyalty program we must know our customers buying patterns. It’s based upon these patterns, our loyalty program is developed for our customers. We know where they are spending their money and on what service.

Our Services

Bridal Makeup

Cosmetic makeup is an essential part of the wedding preparation process and designing the perfect look for your wedding is our priority. We here at Everlush do stunning bridal looks and the best part is that our beauticians will do their best.

Hair Colouring

Our unique methods allow the hairdresser to enhance the individual beauty of every client, customizing the hair colouring according to their hair type and the characteristics of the individual person, rejecting standardization and conformity.


Our embark guests on a relaxing journey with aromatic scents, soft lighting, airy atmosphere & warm decor, rejuvenating the mind, body & soul and offering modern exposure in terms of service, style, and wellbeing


Our customized facials begin with a detailed consultation and discussion with our beautician.Facial is specifically tailored to you,to include cleansing,exfoliation,steam,and extraction & treatment-specific massage and mask.

Our Beloved Customers


FABULOUS, Excellent service, inviting and warm welcome. I do not live locally and travel for almost an hour to go to the salon


Would highly recommend 'Everlush Makeover Studio, the staff are extremely helpful and is a very relaxing setting to take some time out

Steve Evans

The staffs are super friendly and professional, a wide range of treatments on offer, and all done to a very high standard.

Alicia Brown

Everlush have very talented beauty therapists. I trust and value their advice, their approach is friendly but professional.


Everlush Makeover Studio was established in the year 2019 Everlush has a team of highly skilled and experienced stylists. Offering cutting-edge hair styling and treatments, you are sure to get a complete customized look suiting your needs and personality. You can also get a personalized recommendation and consultation that will fit your style

Teamwork is our most valuable asset which ensures our clients are always number one, and we strive to exceed your expectations.Everlush Family Makeover Studio wants to make women feel beautiful – it’s empowering. Confidence allows you to take on adventures you never thought you could or would.